Sunday, November 7, 2010

Honey Dooooo

There was not much going on with the mini farm this weekend. I guess you could say, It was kinda slow.
I spent most of the weekend doing the "honey do" list. Things like fixing the washer, doing laundry and some more little odds and ends things.
The one thing that did change this weekend was the management. We changed up how and who did what. Instead of me and the wife deciding on everything and the kids helping, the kids are now in charge of certain things and we help. Take for instance, the youngest is in charge of the rabbits, the oldest is in charge of the goats and the middle girl is still debating on weather to do the geese or the egg production side of the chickens. The wife is still in charge of the breeder chickens, the marketing and the meat production. I guess I'm the labor for all four.

Here is the reasoning, the kids have always helped and have had some say in what they wanted. With them being in charge of all decisions will now give them a since of ownership. They are in charge of the development, breeding and marketing of their area. If they are able to make a profit on their side of the business then they will get a percentage of the profits. They have to learn how to work within a budget, design and schedule building projects and many other aspects of animal husbandry.

The youngest has already made the decision to sell the Flemish Giant Rabbits and get a more manageable size rabbit like the Mini Rex. She says the profit margin is higher on the smaller rabbits due to the food consumption and the space restrictions. That's not a bad start.

The oldest is developing a business plan on the goats so this should be interesting as well.
Tonight we got three more nannies to add to the herd at a price where there should be no problem making a profit if she chooses to turn and not breed them.

We were also given another goose. This one is a gander but the problem is, the one goose we have now has never seen another one and she does not even know she is a goose so when we put this new one with her she ran and hid. Poor thing.

The time change is going to make it really hard to get much done during the week so I'm hoping with the new management change, things can get accomplished before dark.


  1. What a wonderful set of parents you are! Great to teach them how to manage things on their own so when they move out on their own they know how to live. They need to have this taught in schools really. Always thought school was kinda lame in some ways. I mean really when was the last time you actually used some of the stuff you learned in high school? They should teach practical stuff. Your girls are very lucky to have you :)

  2. Sounds like a great way to share the responsibilities and let everyone participate at a management level. I bet it works out to everyone's benefit ...even the critters!

    Did you have your neighborhood fish fry? How did it go?

    : )

  3. Denise,
    I wish I could say I have never used the stuff I did not pay attention to in school. I work for a Engineering firm on the Heavy Civil side of construction and my head hurts from all the math I never cared for or though was stupid. I do agree that kids are not taught how to live in the real world. Home Economics is nothing but a joke now days and even the FFA here only caters to the rich and forgets about the kids who really want to try.
    The fish fry is this weekend. We have moved it from the back yard to the front because I do not want all the whole trailerhood knowing what I have. So far, 60 people have RSVPed. The weather man is calling for rain starting Thursday so maybe we will luck out and it will be raining on Saturday and we can postpone it till, never.
    Thank yall for the comments.