Monday, November 8, 2010

The New Additions

It was dark last night so I was unable to take any pictures of the new arrivals. So if you were curious here you go.

These are the three little nannies. Two are about eight months old and the one with the longer horns is a little over a year. They are not really the color I was wanting and they are not pure. They are a Pygmy, Spanish mix. I think with the pure black and white Pygmy buck we have, these should throw a nice small light colored goat. We will see....

It was funny this past summer, we were looking all over for geese to help take care of our snake problem but everyone wanted $50.00 a pair. I said I would never buy a goose for that kind of money. See there, patience and stubbornness paid off in this case. I now have a pair and did not pay a dime for them.
The same guy we got the goats from was fed up with the dogs killing his geese and this one was the sole survivor. He told us to just take it. So far it acts friendly.

This little rabbit is going to be the youngest girls show bunny for FFA. She still intends on breeding and raising the Mini Rex and possibly showing them in the breeder class but being this one was given to her by one of the wife's friends this weekend and it is already trained, then why not? They told me the breed of it several times but I just cannot remember it. I thank it's a, aw never mind I don't have a clue.


  1. It doesn't matter the type of goats, as long as you have goats. hehehee

  2. Yea but, I would like to breed to my own colors so I can have and sell something no one else has.
    Thanks for the comment SFG