Sunday, November 21, 2010

Busy, Busy

Running in circles will never get you anywhere but it sure gets you tired. That is what today was all about.
After a long night of dealing with kids running through the corn fields from the cops and boys sneaking around the house, we did not get to bed till around four this morning so needless to say we had a late start on the day.
The winter storms are heading this way this week so I felt the need to redo all the animals bedding and make sure they are set for the cold weather.

I managed to get the half front on the little goat barn to keep the rain and wind out. Now they can stay warm and I don't have to worry about them this week.
The little baby buck we brought in the house yesterday did not make it, that is four so far. We still have the two little girls outside and Lucy inside. Even Lucy is so stiff legged she has a hard time walking, but the two in this pic are perfectly normal and doing great.

I managed to start on the Mille Fleur d'Uccle Bantam breeder pen. That is just a fancy name for a little chicken that is to small to eat. The idea is to have all the little mini chickens up here close to the house in the mini barn and have the large bleeds down at the big barn.
I will tell you this. It is hard to work in the same pen as geese. Every time you bend down they want to untie your shoes or bite you on the butt. I wonder if I could put a tool belt on one and a drink holder on the other to make them more useful.


  1. I can only imagine working around geese. They are not my favorite birds. lol

  2. The problem is SFG is that they are to friendly. The geese do not try and attack you, they just want to annoy you.
    Thanks for the comment.