Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Next Four Days

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone and I hope yall all made it to where ever it was your were going without going through a body scanner or being groped by a someone who calls themselves security.
Oh, I guess you could have wore a ''Hijab" and been exempt from it all.

I do not plan to post tomorrow so I will get today's and tomorrow's done tonight.

It was a long week at work again so nothing was done but I now have a four day weekend to look forward to and hopefully make some progress.
We do not have to be at the family's house until 11:30 tomorrow so that will give me a half day to get more done on the new little chicken breeder area I started last weekend. I will post some pics of the progress on Friday.

The baby pygmy "Lucy" is doing good and has upgraded to her own play pen. Now she can look out see us and not feel so alone.

The last hatch of the year in under way. In this batch we hope to get the Araucana breeders we need to complete the verity of chickens we want to sell. I will let you know if the hatch rate is any better than the last time.

That's it till Friday. I hope everyone has a fun and safe time tomorrow. Remember, your eyes are always bigger than your stomach no matter how hungry you are.


  1. you and your family have a very safe and fun Thanksgiving also with your loved ones God Bless and keep you and yours

  2. I don't know if that little goat can get much cuter!!! Be safe and have a Happy Thanksgiving!!!