Sunday, November 14, 2010

New Members to The Mini Farm

Yesterday wore us out so much that we called "Card Night" a early night and made it home from D&R's around nine.
When the youngest stuck her head out the back door to make sure the chickens were all up she heard the awful sound of a dieing rabbit coming from the mini barn. Flashlight in hand we headed out in hopes it was not what we were thinking. As we approached the barn, the ear piercing bleat was not coming from the rabbit area at all, instead it was coming from the goat pen and I knew right then what it was, baby goats.
The first one was laying 15 feet from the goat shelter stiff and cold. I picked it up and lightly tossed it closer to the shelter so I could find it again in the dark, then it's eye blinked. I hollered "It's still alive" so the youngest girl rushed into the house and the middle girl went right to work on it with the hair dryer to warm the baby up.
The second baby was right with the momma so I was not to worried about it and the third had one hind leg sticking out and was still stuck inside. I grabbed a hold of it's little leg and it was stiff and cold. This was not good. I did not know how I was going to get it out being turned like that and I did not know how long it has been dead inside her.
I gently pulled and I heard the little things hip pop out and then it came right out. I tossed the still born baby still in the sac off to the side and shined the light on it for several seconds, nothing. Turning my attention back to the one that was alive I visually made sure it was ok and then shined the light back over to the still born, I saw movement. I quickly tore the sac open and cleared it's air way and that's when it took it's first breath. Being careful not to get my sent on it, I cleaned it off and put it in front of the momma and she started to lick it, alright!
We let nature take it's course for a while and went back out after a couple of hours to check on them. She rejected the one I pulled and pushed it out of the shelter to die so we bundled it up and took it in the house to get warm. We thought maybe she would at least take one to raise but
this morning the third baby was laying out from the goat barn cold, wet and half dead so again we bundled it up and took it in the house.

This morning we also milked the momma to get that very important first milk but I am sad to say the first little baby we brought in did not make it. She was just too weak. The one we brought in this morning is also really week and does not want to eat so we have to force it, but the one I pulled is going strong.
I thought even if it lived it would never walk right because of the dislocated hip when I pulled her out but she is doing great.

Needless to say, the momma goat is going to the sell just as soon as she puts a little weight back on.


  1. What CUTE their markings!

    Sure is a good thing for me (or Yeoldfurt?) that we live a couple of hundred miles apart. I could get attached to something that cute pretty darn quick!

    : )

  2. They are that, but that momma goat needs to go. We lost another baby today. We are down to just one out of three. The two that died are the ones she left out in the cold for to long. The one left is the one I pulled and did not think would make it but she is going strong.
    Thanks for the comment WWRWH

  3. This makes me so nervous! I'm a first time goat owner. I've had cattle,horses,rabbits,chickens,dogs, and cats. All have had babies, but these little goats are making me a nervous wreck. lol

  4. Tell me about it. There is not really any way you can help them out, they are to small to turn the baby if needed. A few years ago I had a nanny die while giving birth and the baby was stuck with both back legs out. It was not good at all. Just cross your fingers and hope for the best.