Thursday, November 18, 2010


!!!!!Warning, Religious Content!!!!!!!

It's not always about the farm and I felt I needed to share this with you.

I got off work today and decided to take another way home besides the normal way I usually take. When I came to my usual exit, I felt I needed to go ahead and take it so at the last moment I made the decision and veered off the highway. I stopped at the stop sign and took a left onto a little two lane country road and sighed because it was the same scenery I see every day. I thought to myself that I should have stayed on the highway.
On the right hand side about three miles up the little Farm to Market road there is a little yellow sign that I have seen a hundred times that simply says "Goats For Sell" and gives the phone number. I flew past the sign and suddenly for the first time I felt the need to call it. So I turned around and pulled into the driveway and wrote the number down thinking I would call it later tonight to see what kind of goats he had.
I pulled out and headed back down the road when I don't know why but, I reached for my phone and started dialing the number. I was thinking he probably does not have the kind of goats I want even if he answers the phone. Well, he did answer and believe it or not, he was selling Pygmy's. Better yet, he was home and told me to come on over. At this point I was another three miles down the road and even though I was in a hurry to get to a softball game the oldest was playing in tonight, I went ahead and turned around and headed back.
When I finally got back to his house and parked, we shook hands and he introduced himself to me and we walked to the goat pen and talked about goats for a little while. A few minutes into the conversation he made a comment about being a preacher and using the goats for entertainment for some of the youth at his church. I asked him, "Did you say you are a Preacher?"

I know that does not sound like anything different but listen to this. A family member and I have sort of a different opinion on a biblical subject. He tries to get me to see it his way and I have a hard time with it, but I listen. So this past couple of weeks I have studied many texts and writings on the certain subject to try and see it his way or at least build an argument on the way I see it.
Here is the strange part. Everything I was reading was throwing me in different directions so earlier today I just stopped and prayed for clarity and understanding on this subject. I thanked God for his word and asked him to send his message in such a simple form so I can understand it

I did not plan to go home this way today. I have never wanted to call the number on the "Goats For Sell" sign. I was going to call the number later tonight. I was running late to a softball game and did not have time to stop. I turned the truck around twice.
Now here I was, standing in a goat pen with a preacher and God was giving me the message in the most simple form, so I could understand it.


  1. it is always said yhat He works in mysterous ways so this is one example God Bless you and hope the message helps you keep up the faith and keep it with you

  2. Wow, that post gave me chills! I have a real hard time yielding to the path God wants me to take. I have been in countless similar situations and in most of them, MY will takes over. I need to stop being so hard headed, and your post was the reinforcement I needed! Thank you

  3. PTL! Thanks for sharing that! I love these sort of moments, many times when the hair on the back of my neck stand out on end I think that that is God grabbing me by my shorthairs, saying" Are you listening, this applies to you!"

    Blessings for your weekend,