Thursday, June 17, 2010

Redneck to Redneck

I was chatting with an ole boy at work today and some how the conversation turned to what I raised and what all I did on the mini farm.

After I finished explaining all my plans using dramatic hand movements to bring my words to life and push my ideas to the next level like creating renewable energy, solar heating and cooking, animal husbandry and polycultural planting designs, I looked up and noticed he was just staring at me with kinda a blank look. I took it as he was really into my story, so with a captive audience I proceeded on and told him why and where it was all taking me, and simply put, freedom.
After a long pause he spit and ask me with a crooked little grin, "Are you one of them there tree huggn liberal people? I guess yall all call yourselves green people, hu."
Right then I knew what I had to do. I had to go all redneck on his butt. So I cleared my throat, took a dip of snuff and said, "I don't rekon eyes ever seen none of them green people about and the only time I ever huged on an ole tree is when I'm throwing it in the smoker and to answer your last question, God bless George Bush." That got his attention so I continued, "I ain't one of those snotty look at me rich folks trying to save a tree. I ain't livn green, I'm livn cheap. Livn cheap is greener than livn green, you just got to learn how it's done."
The conversation went on for a short time and ended with him wanting to get back with me and hear of some projects on him "Going Greener".
I don't care what you say, that's funny right there.

These were sent to me in an email today and I thought they were worth sharing.

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