Sunday, June 20, 2010

Just as Planned

The weekend went just as planned. I wish I could have gotten a little more done out in the big barn but at least I got a good start.

This picture is what I had to start with yesterday. I don't understand how I accumulated it or where this all came from but it's here and it's growing. Just like toe fungus I guess. If I don't start now and get a handle on it, then in a few months I won't be able to shut the doors.

Today was spent with family and friends just cooking and conversing. The cold front I was hoping for never arrived but the 100+ degree day did so even in the shade it was to hot for a man to be out in it.
The menu ended up being hickory smoked pulled pork with a mustard bark, home made baked beans, Momma's county fair blue ribbon potato salad, Cole slaw, grilled squash and for desert we had some kind of summer berry twinkie cake thang that was so good you better not let any get on your forehead because you tongue will beat the heck out of it trying to get to it.

This weeks plan is to just survive the heat. I hope to get some more done in the big barn but it all depends on if my fat butt has anything left after work or not.

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