Friday, June 11, 2010

Mini Space

One of the disadvantages of having a mini barn on the mini farm is the mini space that comes with it. I'm used to having enough room, where if I wanted to get 50 goats, I got 50 goats. Now, if I want 3 goats, I have to devise a plan to accommodate these 3 goats. But if there is a will, there is a way, just like this picture shows. What we thought would be enough room in these old lockers, ended up being a pain in the butt and too small. So I improvised. It may not be professional or pretty, but it'll do.

Speaking of mini spaces, I picked this cage up while I was down at the farm. I forgot I had it, and it's coming in handy with the Serama mini chickens. Believe it or not, my dad built this cage, over 25 years ago to house quail. Let me tell ya, it has seen its' fair share of animals, and it sure ain't done yet.

The weekend plans are pretty simple, the wife took a Thema and Louise trip to Stillwater, Oklahoma for the weekend, so I have to man the fort, literally. Tomorrow will be filled with cleaning and organizing the mini barn and the yard.
Sunday, I have to deliver the chickens I have sold and make a deal with a guy on two 1500 gallon water tanks that I will use for my rain water harvesting system.

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