Thursday, June 10, 2010

Back to the Plan

I have decided not to be in the egg business any more. Let me explain......
I never wanted to sell eggs in the first place, I wanted them just for my eating purposes alone. The only reason I decided to sell eggs was because it was really hassle free with the guy that was buying them. He has now moved on to another job and now it has become a hassle. The other reason is, I do not want to summer all these chickens while their production is down. It is a loose, win deal with me being on the wrong end.
I have a buyer for the sixteen laying hens I want to sell. I plan to keep enough hens to get about three to four dozen eggs a week just for the house use and a to be a friendly neighbor every once and a while.
Now with that decision made, it opens up the original plan for the mini barn. So before long the wife should have a couple of mini goats to tend to and now we can get those Bourbon Red Heritage Turkeys we were wanting. I hope it's not to late to get one ready for Thanksgiving.

On Guard

Found some!!!

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