Monday, June 21, 2010

Double Duty

This week is going to be tough.
Work has picked back up for the next few weeks. Normally I work anywhere from only 55 to 60 hours a week, but for the next couple of months my hours will be back up in the 70's. That makes getting any work done around the house real hard to do. Add in the wife is down and out, then the camping trip this weekend and the week just took on a whole new urgency.

The plan is to leave out Friday morning and be back Sunday afternoon. I have most of the stuff ready to go, it's just getting everything else together and loaded for six people, yes the mother-in-law is going too.
I have found it is more work to go someplace and relax than it is to stay home and work. I don't understand it.

The snakes are back. We thought we had them licked, but they just keep coming. We spread Sulfur flakes all over just like everyone said to do but we are still loosing eggs and chicks. We have moved everything small and living into small 1/2" squared wire cages but the snakes are still getting in, killing the chicks and then regurgitating them to get out. The wife was real upset when she found three of the mini chickens were killed and remember the two chicks I saved from the snake belly last month while still in the egg, they are gone now too. Today two of my quail were ate.

The count for chicks lost is up to twelve plus the two quail. The count for snakes killed is seven or eight.

That is a quail in the snake's belly.

There are two chicks in this snakes belly.

The kids took five boxes of moth balls and spread them everywhere this afternoon. Yes it does stink out here now but maybe it will help.
Even tho we are doing everything we can, it is real discouraging to loose these animals like this. It's like taking one step forward and two steps back.


  1. Sorry to hear about your snake problem and loosing chicks how frustrating! We have bullsnakes and I think the probably got into a turkey eggs nest but they weren't seeing on them yet and when they did begin to set no more problems, so.... turkeys mamas must have frightened them away.

    We understand long hours and with Mike working and the hours he has to put in it makes it hard to accomplish much, especially with only every other weekend off*sigh* Cortney and I have been trying to pick up where he simply doesn't have the time, but to be truthful we're getting burned out*sigh*
    Take care and try to remember one day at a time.

  2. sorry for the typos, it's supposed to setting not seeing*sigh*

  3. Thanks Kelle. If it wasn't for the girls not much would get done. They have really stepped up and helped out. Just take the snake killings, before they would run away if I just mentioned one, but now they run to it to get it.