Wednesday, June 9, 2010

New Space

With all the onions being out of the garden now, it opened up some much need space for new plants. This evening I planted some more jalapenos, sweet bell and hot salad pepper plants. Tomorrow the wife is planing okra, peas, pumpkin and cantaloupe. The okra should have already been out and up but with limited space, you do what you can.
No chicken or garden pics tonight but I do plan to upload some for tomorrow.

I took this picture last weekend while I was down at the farm.
This building was the general store in the park area I built behind the house. The goal was to build a complete old west town to have a place to house all the parties and old west reenactments.
I had the general store, blacksmith shop, saloon, two outdoor kitchens, eating pavilion, community outhouse and livery stable. If I would have continued to stay there, the church / school house was next, then the bank then possibly the hotel.

Everything is gone now except this old store and time is not on it's side. It's so rotted you can't even walk in it without falling though the floor and it's starting to lean a little. I give it at max another year.


  1. sounds like yall had a lot of fun with your family and friends I am sure they enjoyed it very much wish we could have that here

  2. Well you can Anonymous. It aint nothing but a thing. Just do it. Thanks for the comment.