Friday, June 11, 2010

My Eldest Daugher

Hello :)
I am the Rednecks oldest daughter, and he just happened to leave his blog open, big mistake. Since so many of you are following my dad's blog, I felt like you need to know a little bit more about the inside workings of his life.
He was blessed with three beautiful daughters, but cursed with the hormones that go with it. So you can see why he builds this stuff to get away for a little bit. He is beyond my inspiration. His determination and love for his family is what drives me to become successful with my life. He is one of the men who shattered the statistics. He works a tremendous amount of hours to keep up with our school lives alone, much less furnish his own hobbies. Starting over was never his plan, but he makes the best of it by teaching my sisters and I how to live on our own with the time comes. I can promise you I will probably be the only college student with a vegetable garden growing in her dorm room. He has gone through the struggles of life ten times over, but you would never tell when he finally finishes a project. He loves getting on here and seeing that people enjoy what he is trying to do, because he loves doing things like this. Born on a tractor and corn raised. True country man with the heart of a Teddy Bear. We love him :) Thanks for reading his blog. :)


  1. Now that's something you can hang your hat on right there.

  2. What a blessed and lovely account of your life's affection and it is absolutely something to hang your hat on! Right now our Ds is being a pain in our backside and some of the things he says cuts to the bone, but we are who we are and we're not going to change now. :o)