Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Duck, Duck, Goose

Yesterday evening the girls put out five boxes of moth balls all over the place.
This morning a snake was curled up nice and neat in the quail pen with two in it's belly and four laying dead next to it. That leaves me with only two quail left. Instead of keeping them penned up for the taking, I let them go in the rabbit area to run free. At least this way they have a fighting chance.

So the next step is Geese. I don't want any geese but let me tell ya. The wife has spent all day looking for some and guess what, everyone is sold out due to the snake problem in the area. She did find one pair just starting to feather and the ole boy wanted $50.00 for them. My luck would be as soon as we got them home and out of the cage they would fly off. I aint paying fifty dollars for two little geese.

What gets me is that if I were to have a goose farm with a hundred or so geese, then there would be some other epidemic that kills geese that only lizards could fix and I would be stuck with all those dieing geese and someone else would be making all the money selling lizards.

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