Monday, February 1, 2010


During summer while sitting around the fire with a group of friends enjoying a nice warm night, I have often heard the statement, "Are freedoms are slowly being taken away." I can not disagree and I can really relate to that statement.
Take the lake parties my parents went to about twice a year. All my parents friends would get together and spend the weekend having fun. We simply drove right up to the water, pitched a tent along with all the others and spent two days fishing, cooking, playing horseshoes and sitting by the bonfire. It was always a great time and most important, it was all free.
I looked at it as a vacation from the parents. From the time I got out of the truck on Friday evening, I didn't see mom or dad till it was time to leave on Sunday. The lake was only five miles away from the house and tho he never told me, twice a day dad would sneak back to the farm and do all the chores. I guess this was his way to give us a little break.

It is sad those times are all gone now, at least here where we live they are. People took advantage of a good thing and began trashing the lake up and cutting all the trees down. Before long the Corp of Engineers placed a nice pipe fence around every point of access. The only way to the beaches was through a pay booth. My kids will never know that kind of fun and free living.

What made me think of all this was when I was driving home the other day and drove past a popular public duck hunting area and saw that someone had thrown out a truck load of trash right by the road. This kind of person needs to be strung up and left for the buzzards. This person, I am sure is not from around here and probably lives inside the city where he/she could not find a secluded dumpster for their crap. I just don't understand why we all have to be punished for just a handful of ungrateful, unethical, sorry, good for nothing people.

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