Sunday, January 31, 2010

Moved On

The rain has moved out for now but the cold remains. This morning it is 26 degrees. I had the bright idea to get up early while the ground was still frozen so I could avoid the mud and at least get the weekly burning done. Nope, that is not going to happen, It is just to cold. I bet the wind chill has it down into the mid teens at the moment.

Some real good friends of ours bought a house right down the road from us and we helped them move some of their stuff yesterday after noon. Since we could not back up to the front door, we had to carry the boxes about 100 feet through the beep water and the mud. This made it extremely difficult with every labored step. We finally called it quits after just two loads.
His barn is being delivered next week and the weather man is calling for more rain. Good luck with that, I can't even walk out to mine much less work on it.

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  1. I will miss living on a rock hill, rain has no affect on me, but you cant dig a hole 6in. deep without a rock bar either.