Sunday, February 7, 2010


Me, the wife and two of the girls spent all day yesterday moving our friends. It was back breaking work and I am sure we will be sore for a few days but it is worth the pain just to help them out. On the way to their house we stopped by a little cafe that just opened not long ago. I love cafes, the atmosphere, the friendly waitresses, the local coffee drinkers and of course the food. We ended the day with our friends taking us out to a local Mexican restaurant the wife loves and of course, I ate way to much.

I started today at 5:00am by getting the family up and in the truck. We have another cold front moving in this week and it is going to get down into the low twenties. I do not have enough wood to get through this one so off we went to the old farm place. I did not even take a saw, it was going to be to early and I did not want to wake my younger brother's family who still live there with the sound of a chainsaw screaming in the background.
So we were hunter gatherers. There is enough fallen dead wood on that place to last a life time and we grabbed a truck load of it. At one point I stopped and looked up and through the dim early morning light I saw my old house sitting up on the hill. A scene of sadness and homesickness started to come over me and I had to shake it off and keep going. Under my breath I mumbled that I was just a big wimp.
We got home in time for the kids to get to church and I was able to finally get some of the much needed burning done. The bags were starting to pile up.
Then I got suckered. My friends brought another load of stuff down to their new house and then invited us to go into town. They said they needed to go to Home Depot and needed my truck. It is real hard for me to turn down going to the lumber store and with seven hours till the Super Bowl, why not.
We ended up going to four different stores and the last one being a 1 1/2 hour trip inside Walmart. Under my breath I mumbled that I was just a big o sucker.

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