Tuesday, February 23, 2010


They gave it a 100% chance of snow today and not even one flake fell. Oh sure, some fell South of Dallas but none up here. The next chance of rain is Friday and they are giving it a 60% chance. If last weekends flash floods were only 20% then I hate to see what a 60% chance of rain will do to us.

Even though it did not snow, it is cold enough to do so. We used the last little bit of fire wood we had to heat the house today. From here on out we are at 100% purchased heat. I am sure the cold won't last much longer.

This picture was taken Sunday morning. This is the first chance I have had to show the improvements on the animal barn.

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  1. Sorry to hear you are out of wood, isn't there a place where you can harvest dead trees? We're running low as well but have cut dead logs stacked and waiting to be split if need be.
    Barns coming along great, we've just updated our old barn and need to paint it this summer.
    First we had to get it up on a foundation of sorts( RR ties), pull it back to it's original position( the top portion was leaning to the East) and then we put in a hay loft, to help shore it up and give it stability( help stop the wanting to lean problem) This past summer we added a metal roof, so now no worries about our hay in the loft getting wet. We have a few doors and a window in the milk parlor that need to be replaced and it needs a good paint job.
    Looks good and I'm with you ready for Spring!
    Blessings for your new week,