Sunday, February 28, 2010

My Day

Due to the fact today was my birthday, I was told I could do what ever I wanted.

I started off at daylight sawing and screwing what little bit was left to do on the animal barn. I am now ready for siding and then it will be done.

Then the five of us all loaded up and I took the family to lunch at a little cafe I found in a small town about fifteen miles to the East of here. It has been a while sense we all ate out together and when I got the bill all I could think about was how many sheets of siding I could have bought.
After diving the back roads for a while we finally got back home in time to help my dad load up some cows so he could take them to the sell barn.

Finally, NASCAR. My boy Jimmy did it again!
Not a bad birthday.

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  1. Happy belated Birthday! On our birthdays we too get to choose what to do( we forego gift giving) My family always knows that I'll want to get something off the "To Do" list for mine*wink* When the kids were little they always wanted to go to a movie, or maybe a rodeo( that happened to be in town close to their B-day) We always let the B-day person pick his/her favorite meals too and then of course dessert of their choice. Makes the day seem very personal I think! Happy Birthday Redneck!