Monday, February 8, 2010

In Other Words.....

I have heard different names of what the weather dumped on us last night and most of the day today. Just to name a few; Turd Floater, Gully Washer, Cats & Dogs, Toad Strangler and so on, and so on. As bad as it might be, the picture to the left is of my neighbors across the street. So I look at it like this, My place could be worse. Notice the underpinning on the house.

I drove around and took a few pictures of the light flooding around the area. I will have plenty of time to play around in the mud. Due to the weather my work sent me home for a week.....
They are calling for snow on Thursday.

This is a front yard of a house down the road. I love the new goose pond they put in.

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