Sunday, February 21, 2010

That Will Teach Me

A couple of days ago the weather men were calling for 20% chance of rain this weekend and I mocked Mother Nature with a "Ha". My Dad and I worked on the animal barn till dark last night and even though it spit rain on and off most of the day, it was never enough to stop us. Each time I felt the rain start I would mock it even more with a "Come on, is that all you got?" As I thrust my fist in the air. No anger problems here...
I tell you the bottom dropped out of the sky this morning just as I was heading out for round two. I have not seen it rain that hard in a long time. Bolts of lightning, loud clasps of thunder, good old Mother Nature was sure showing me who was in charge. Then, just as soon as it started it was over with the clouds parting and the sun coming out. She left about 3" of rain and me sitting looking out the window for the rest of the day twirling my thumbs. I learned a lesson this weekend.

The good news, I got a lot done on the barn. Dad convinced me to add extra bracing in some areas on the walls and I still need to add a few laths to the rafters.

I do not have any pictures due to the internet being on and off all weekend. It seems if there is a cloud in the sky, the internet goes down. I will post them as soon as I can.

The weather men are calling for snow tomorrow. I ain't saying nothing!!!!!!!!


  1. LOL that will teach you to dare Mother Nature*wink* Glad you accomplished something in the barn.

    It's been colder than normal for this time fo year, but I'm NOT complaining we've had a fairly mild winter. Now onto Spring, babies, things growing and sprouting, trimming the fruit trees, bushes,vines and canes. MUD is the one pitfall*sigh*, thank the Lord for our MUDroom.

    Blessings for your week,

  2. Spring cannot get here quick enough.