Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Blood Suckers

I had to go for my six month check up this morning. I swear those blood suckers took over a gallon of blood from me. After the two hour doctor visit, I was able to run on into town and check out the surplus at the Habitat for Humanity warehouse. Now I know where I am going to get all the windows for the green house. They have a lot of good things in that place and all the proceeds go to building homes for the needy.

After this mornings draining event at the doctor, I had a bad case of the "don't want too" and after yesterdays pantry ordeal, the wife got me back by wanting me to help her finish setting up her sewing room, To-shay. I was out the door and looking for anything I could to stay outside.

I muscled through the mud and the cold and was able to put some more rafters and wall bracing on the little animal barn. Tomorrow I plan on getting some of the 1x4 runners on the rafters before the snow gets here.

Have you seen the price on miniature cattle?

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  1. I don't know why you had a 6 month check up, but will be praying your blood work comes back good! Spent the day yesterday with myDh, he's been having dizzy spells and his family has a strong heart disease problem( mens side), so off to get a stress test and wear al halter to check his heart electrical. PTL he passed his stress test 100+% and his cholesterol is 197, so that's good too. I sure hope they find something, but even with moderne med it's still a guessing game that costs loads of $$. I still think it's in his inner ear, and to me that would have been where I'd have started, we even suggested it*sigh*
    The price on miniture cattle is outragous, because they are popular right now. I remember alpacas selling for $10K each( that's right! registered ones in our area) now they can't give'em away. Have you looked into Dexters? They are a small breed cattle, dual purpose too, meat and dairy. We bought our cow and heifer calf for $1000, so $500 each, not a bad price.

    Hope all turns out well and we enjoy your blog!
    Kelle aka Homesteader on Pioneerliving