Friday, February 12, 2010

Record Breaker

Not only did it come a snow, it was a record breaking snow. In spots I measured anywhere from six to ten inches. I understand that is not a lot for the people up North, but for Texas, that is a blizzard.

The family and I got out early this morning to see sights we have never seen before. It started out with the neighbors shoveling snow from their driveways. We have never seen anybody shoveling snow in real life . Then I flipped the switch and put her in four wheel drive and backed right out of the driveway, and the neighbors just glared at us.

Then there was the Massey Ferguson driving down a dirt road with a snow plow attachment on the front. Where in the heck did he get that? I watched and wondered how many times that old farmer has complained about never being able to use that snow plow or how many times that thing has been in his way and I wondered how many times he has tried to sell it. And now finally, he is sitting tall and proud doing his neighbors a favor with his snow plow.

We drove on into town so the oldest girl could feed her pig at the AG barn and saw at least six cars in the ditch along the way. They were covered with snow so I guessed they must have ran off the road sometime last night.

I do not know how, but I ended up 25 miles away at Walmart. I guess it has some kind of gravitational pull on the wife. The parking lot was total chaos. There were cars in every direction and at every angle. We managed to escape without injury.

The day ended with me out in the cold and the snow cooking taters and ribs on the grill. Who says BBQ is only for the summer time.

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  1. Well good to see you made the best of it. I can just imagine the farm roads, woods & fields were beautifull. That fence sure made a pretty photo.

    I just hung around the house myself and worked on a new CBG. Building my boy a Bass. You can check it out here.

    Stay warm.