Friday, January 1, 2010

2010 Here We Go

The wife and I were up at 5:00 AM this morning cooking New Years Dinner for some family and friends we had over. We had the traditional greens for luck and black eyed peas for money along with a turkey, ham, creamed corn casserole, mashed potatoes, giblet gravy, corn bread stuffing and dinner rolls. We all had a great time and ate till it hurt. Now I ask you, if that ain't living then what is?

With the new year already a day old I look forward in what lies ahead in 2010. I read a great quote the other day and it fits my life perfect. "I am Not scared of tomorrow, because I have seen yesterday."

This year will be a big adventure. Being in the city for the past four years I really did not have much to do. As a matter of fact, there was nothing to do. I used my imagination as much as I could but city ordinances, space and time limited what could be done. Now that I am back out in the country and in my element, I have the room to grow. Things are going to be a little different this year.

The project list for the year is a mile long but doable. Some of the projects I will be taking everyone through are;
Two small animal barns, fencing, raised gardens, green house, rabbit hutches, chicken coop, goat pen, pig pen, quail pens, rain water harvesting, fire pit, pizza/bread oven, above ground hay bale root seller, solar oven, solar shower, home made wind generators and so on and so on.

The list of animals will be about as long; Goats, pigs, chickens, quail, worms and turkeys. If I can pull it off I would also like to raise some fish. The spouse has been begging for a miniature horse and a miniature donkey, but I keep telling her If I can't eat them so I don't want them.

The on going projects include my wife's quilting and crafts business, plus we will be showing all about our food canning and pickling business and how to do it yourself. I heard her mention she was wanting to get into making goat cheese and goat milk soaps this year so that will be a new adventure to follow if she decides to start it.

This spring and summer we will be showing how we do our outdoor cooking and giving some recipes and tips.
So hang on tight, this year is going to be one heck of a ride.

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