Sunday, January 24, 2010

Muddy Mess

I was not going to let the weather beat me today. I decided to wade through the ankle deep mud and fight the high winds until I was satisfied with the days work.

I was able to do some building on the barn until I ran out of screws. I am using square headed coated screws so I can counter sink them and they won' t strip out like the Phillips heads do. Just thirty more 2x4s to go and I will be ready for tin and siding.

The wind turbine fared better than first thought. Sitting on the barrel kept it from pivoting with the wind and that made the blades spin backwards and causing the hub to un-thread and fly off. The sound the wife heard was the blades hitting the barrel at a hundred mph.

We went to the old sale barn after lunch to get a pickup load of good composted dirt. The sale barn went out of business a couple of years ago and since has been used as a holding place for horses that have been rescued. Just in the past month or so, 65 horses have been in and out of that place. I do not understand why or how people can let their animals starve.
With the added good dirt to the gardens, we were able to get some onions planted. We need many many more.

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