Sunday, January 17, 2010

Here Comes The Sun

This morning started out with a little fog. I took the opportunity of the heavy air and did the weekly burning. All those concrete bags from yesterday took a while, but they are a pile of ashes now.

Before the big game at noon, I was able to put up some 2x4's to start framing in the small animal barn. After the second quarter of the game and with the Cowboys not showing up to play, I decided to go back out for a little more framing and to work off my frustrations. I was wanting to set some rafters before dark, but shortly after setting the braces for the top ridge board I quickly noticed my little six foot ladder was not going to be tall enough. Now I am on the search for a grown up ladder.
It's back to work tomorrow and we are pouring some bridges this week and all weekend so I do not know how much home work I will be able to get done for a few days.

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