Friday, January 8, 2010

Just like Old Times

During the Texas-Alabama game, the wind was blowing so hard it knocked down a power line somewhere. It turned out to be one of the most relaxing nights I have had in a very long time. Several hours with no electricity brought back so many memories of living in the old house on the farm. The kids acted as if nothing had happened and went right into "old school" mode. We have so many oil lamps, we actually over did it with the lights around the house. I bet my house was the only one you could see glowing for miles. Even when the temp outside was 17 degrees, the fireplace kept the house at comfortable 68. I kinda wish the power would go out more often.

Again, it was to cold to work outside. I tried to do a little work down in the barn hiding from the wind, but after about twenty minutes I said to heck with it. My hands were so cold I could not feel my fingers.
I took the down time opportunity to run into town and grab some things I needed for the wind turbine build. I am trying to find things to do so to stay busy even tho the wind turbine will not be up till summer. I picked up a new volt meter I do not have a clue how to operate, 36" of 1" square tubing, a 8"x 1" nipple to fit inside the 1 1/4" tower pipe and a 1" round floor mount. Like I said before, I am not a electrician. I know just enough about electricity to wire a barn, that's it. I tested the 95VDC treadmill motor and if I had the meter set right, turning it slow with the drill it maxed out at 4.8 volts. Just turning it with my hand I got 3.8 out of it. I do not know how fast you could say it was compared to wind mph but the way the wind blows out here, I think it is good enough. I might try and brave some winter exposure tomorrow and do some fabricating.

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