Monday, January 25, 2010

Got Dirt!

The wife is really coming through on the garden dirt. She shoveled a whole pickup full and brought it home for me to shovel out. Now that is 50/50 living.

While driving to town the other day I came across a nice design for a green house. I like the way it looks so this design might be what I go with.

1 comment:

  1. Looks to me like you gonna have some Onions for sure! I like the way your going with your new coop too. Looks like that green house you are showing a photo of would make groceries all year around. I know we had some pepper plants in a flower pot that they lasted about 2/3 years. I know before it died those pepper burn good going down as well as scalded going out. Seemed like time passing made them really good and just hotter-n Hell.

    Glad to see you took you pops advice. He most likely did save you time you'll never miss.

    Oh, I got that Amp going strong!