Sunday, January 10, 2010

It's Alive

How about them Cowboys?
After the frost burnt off and the temp outside got above 30 degrees, I decided it was time to finish what I started. I made some wider blades for the wind turbine and attached them to see if it would work or not. I set it on the fence just like yesterday and crossed my fingers for success. Nothing, not one turn. Disappointment started to set in and I wondered if I needed to be doing this or not.
I had to give it one last try. The wind was not cooperating so I figured it needed more blades to increase the resistance to get it started. On the way to the barn to get more pipe for blades, the wind was blowing about 15 to 20 mph. That is when I knew what was wrong. I needed to get it up into the wind. With new hope, I temporary mounted it to a 12' 2x4 and stuck it straight into the wind. The wind turbine took off like a plane engine. "It's alive!" I yelled. With the volt meter on it, it was pushing 5.8 volts which is more than I could get by hand turning. I have not been this excited since I don't know when. I called the kids and wife out to show them and asked them, "Who's your daddy"
With the success of the wind turbine, I did not want to push it so I chose to relax and clean up for the rest of the day.
Oh, did I mention how about them cowboys?


  1. There you go. You just can't through in the hat! Now to start saving that power. I would like to build one for power to my garage. Been reading on solar panels too. Do you think we could teach the wifes to use the solar oven.

  2. I plan on the power saving this summer. That gives me time to find the stuff I need. I was going to start on the oven this weekend but it was to cold. The wife read your comment and said how she could teach us how to cook on it. Now that's funny.

  3. congrats...!!!

    from west of ftw.