Saturday, January 2, 2010

Good Weather

The weather today was good. The sun was shining, the birds were singing and I was working. It is still really wet and very hard to get around but at least I was able to get some much needed things done.
I found everything for the installation of the solar cloths dryer and plan on it being the first project of the day tomorrow. I also was able to inventory the piles of lumber I brought with me from the old house to determine what I still need for the first small animal barn and fences that will house the chickens, pygmy goats and rabbits.

We had to cut the day short due to a basket ball game. My oldest and middle daughters were playing in a little 2A town 45 minutes North and I thought I should be a good dad and go watch. Not to let a opportunity pass by, while we were out the wife and youngest daughter decided we could pick up some caches ( We reached our 100th today and were really excited about it.
On our way to a cache, one of the dirt roads we were driving down kept getting smaller and smaller and muddier and muddier. The fences were only about five foot off the road on either side making no places to turn around and it was way to far to back up. Now here we are, In a Nissan pickup way back in the woods on a very deep rutted muddy road with little daylight left. To make matters worse, my wife was driving and I was doing the navigating with the hand help GPS and the Tom Tom. Getting stuck was the least of my worries, what worried me was what I was going to say to the ole boy who pulled us out. "Uhh, this here Nissan is my wife's truck, she bought it I didn't. Uhh, I, I drive a Ford and I don't even know how to use these here, uhh GPS doohickeys". I was more worried about my redneck image getting tarnished than anything else.
So I told her to locker in four wheel drive and hammer down. "Lets sling some mud baby" was really how I put it. She pushed the little button on the dash and off we went at two miles per hour. While we were traveling at a death defining speed I had some time to think about things. What ever happend to the days where you had to get out and slop through the mud to lock in your hubs so you wouldn't get stuck and what ever happen to that chick I married who made me scream like a girl while rock climbing in a jeep a couple of years ago? When we finally got to a paved road, I took a picture of the ole boys place I would have had to get pull us out if she got stuck.
See there, I was right. He never would have believed I was a Redneck.

Tomorrow is the last day of my vacation and hopefully be a full work day. Solar close dryer, laying out the animal barn, burn day, Football (The Boys) and beer.

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