Thursday, March 28, 2013

It's That Time Of The Year

It's sunny all week, the ground just gets dry enough where you can work and then it rains. I love the rain, but does it have to do it just on the weekends?

Saturday we are having a Easter BBQ over at my dad's where we are also celebrating a couple of family birthdays, one being my youngest girl Wee, she turned 17 yesterday. That makes me an old man.
Today she is at the county youth fair showing her shop project, I wish her all the luck because she has really put a lot of work into it.

 I was hoping for good weather so I could do some more roofing on the giant bird house. This project has lingered on for way too long now and needs to be completed. I am done with the nesting boxes so there isn't anything I can do in the shop to help speed it along. I don't see how I will have the time anyhow being I need to be cooking for the party. I am known for bringing the "out of the box" dishes and this time will be no different. I will be making Onion Crusted Plantains, Potato-less Potato Salad and Bacon & Cheese Pull-A-Parts. I know there is nothing wrong with the tried and true, but I am always looking to explore new tastes.  

The tomatoes have been taken out of the greenhouse everyday on the notion they were going to get planted, but I worked late every night and was not able to devote any time to getting them in the ground. Maybe if the rain stops by Sunday I will be able to do just that. They are already making small tomatoes. 

The corn got bit from the last freeze even though I tried to protect them some what. I will need to replant as soon as possible if I ever hope to harvest any. 
Other than that, the greenhouse is packed full and ready, I just have to find the time.

The rabbit tractor is in it's final design stage and ready for production as soon as I get the Aviary finished. Then a new solar dehydrator needs to be build and after that I will start on the Hydroponics system I have been wanting to do for a while now. 

That's all I got for now, Have a great weekend,


  1. MDR,

    Happy Belated Birthday To Wee!!!

    OMG, I can't get over all the vegetables growing in your greenhouse. I had several trays of seedlings doing very well before heading to Texas, when I returned almost everything was dead. I believe there was too much moisture in the little green house(it was inside our house because of the weather). I've started more seeds, can't wait to get outside to plant in the above ground gardens. The weather is not condusive to plant until after this coming Wednesday.
    Have a great Easter, enjoy family and bbq's!
    I'll be heading to TX early Saturday to take care of yard work at the folks house, returning home Sunday.

    1. Thanks Sandy,
      The wife has taken really good care of all the plants in the greenhouse. It's all her doing.
      My email is
      Email me and I will give you my number if you need anything while your down here.

  2. I'm loving all of your projects! Can't wait to see the aviary finished...and will be watching for the hydroponics system. We started a small aquaponics system last year and plan to expand it over the next few weeks.

    1. Thanks Queen, I can't wait to see it finished either.

  3. WOW I'm so jealous of those beautiful greenhouse tomato plants! Great job! I have some seeds started inside. Hubby helped me create a plant stand with plant lights, I'm super excited about it. I looked into building a greenhouse, but there is no where in my yard for it.

    Cant wait to see more pictures of your amazing gardens!

    1. Thanks MSW, This weekend will good weather so I am planning on taking some pictures.