Tuesday, April 2, 2013

I really tried to get some, but.....

I really wanted to show some pictures of the gardens after I got all the tomatoes out this weekend, but every time I thought about it my hands were covered in mud and dirt. The weekend rains did hinder production a bit, but boredom prevailed.

Saturday was spent with the family at the BBQ and everything turned out great. My onion crusted plantains did not go over so good, but it was at least something different. Afterwards a whole bunch of us spent the rest of the evening until midnight throwing a ball down at the bowling ally.

Sunday I was ankle deep in water while planting the garden and cleaning up after the storms. I had to replant the corn because it got bit from the last freeze (my fault), plus I finally got the tomatoes out. I have been trying for two weeks to get those in the ground and now it's done. I put milk jugs over them to protect from the wind and hard rains coming back in today and tomorrow.
As far the Aviary, nothing was accomplished. This coming weekend might be a little different though. If the rains hold off and it dries out a little then I might get something done.

I am gathering the parts necessary for the hydroponics system. I jumped it ahead of the rabbit tractor so I will be starting it soon. After over a year of study, I have made the decision to go with the Dutch Bucket System. It is a slightly lower maintenance system and can yield just as much. 

Other than that, Saturday morning is looking like a great time to head to the creek. Those fishes have been a missing me down there.       


  1. It's nice to hear you were able to get your tomatoes planted. I love plantains but never had them coated with onion breading. It sounds interesting, the next time I make plantains, I will try breading them with an onion batter.

    The weekend was very productive, hubby and I were able to cut down 4 trees and prune several others at my parents home. We saluted you and the state of Texas while passing the state line signs :-)
    I miss living in Texas, we may end up back there.

    The rain is not holding off here, were expected to have 100 percent rain today, tomorrow and potentially Thursday. I have a bad feeling of the possibility of flooding in our area.

    I'm looking forward to hearing more about your hydroponics system in the near future.

    Take care, and have a great week!

    1. Thanks Sandy,
      Glad to hear you got some things done at your dad's this weekend.

      Thanks for the salute and do y'all call out MDR when you do it?

      It has been raining here for two days now. I can't even walk outside without the waders. It sure makes it hard to get much done.