Monday, March 4, 2013

Bad Luck (VS) Murphy's Law (VS) Karma

When I was younger I used to let Murphy, Karma and Dad Luck get the best of me. One or the other would ruin my week with just the slightest little poke. Many times I felt like Bad Luck hovered over me like a rain cloud, Murphy camped out on my back and Karma would stalk me making it where I had to look around every corner before I proceeded. 
As a matter of fact it wasn't too long ago all three would party with me regularly and it seemed they were always trying to outdo each other.

Yes I am a firm believer in bad and good Karma. I avoid anything that I think may wake that monster up. I try and find kind things to do so I can bank up the good kind.
Yes I also believe that Bad Luck can find you and hover over you until he gets bored and moves on. Unlike Karma, I feel Bad Luck can find you for no reason at all.
And Yes I believe in Murphy's Law. I think Murphy has a sick since of humor and looks for any opportunity to make your life miserable. He primarily stays on you back.

I really don't want to give these guys any credit, but when you tie them all together it is what you call life. It is what it is and it all depends on how you handle it. 
This weekend we celebrated my 41st birthday pretty much all weekend. My oldest girl came up from A&M and the other two took off work to spend time with me. We spent time shopping, going places, doing this and that and even spent some time out in East Texas picking up a new Billy goat for the herd. For some reason or another the three guys I mentioned above decided to join the party and all at once.
At one point over the last two days I pictured them sitting back and comparing notes. Murphy would say, "That was funny right there Karma, but watch this."  Then Bad Luck would just giggle and say, "Ha, you think that was funny, watch what he does about this."

But here's the difference, At 30 I probably would have thrown a fit, cussed the world and swore vengeance. At 39 I probably would just stayed in a bad mood and ruined the weekend for everyone around me. Now at 41, I laughed right along with my three amigos and even turned around to pat Murphy on the head telling him. "that was a good one."
Sure I lost more money this weekend than I have in years in several different ways and yes that would be enough piss off a nun, but it's okay, it's nobody's fault. Did I learn something, yes.

In spite of it all, I loved the time we all spent together this weekend. If I have to party with Karma, Murphy and Bad Luck every weekend to be with all my girls then I will do it.
A big thanks to the Wife, BEB, Boop and WeWe for a great birthday weekend, it was one for the memory books. I love y'all so much.            


  1. Happy Birthday!! That is the way to look at life. Just keep smiling. :)

  2. Happy Happy Birthday!!!!
    Time with your girls is so special ☺

  3. Happy belated Birthday MDR!

  4. Glad it was a goodie - even if the three tagged along :)

  5. Great way to look at it! Happy Birthday!

  6. Sounds like a fun weekend none-the-less! Happy Birthday!


  7. They will mess with you alright but they will never beat YOU - even when they gang up. I agree that Karma is the one to watch ! Happy Birthday and keep up that winner's attitude. X