Wednesday, March 20, 2013

My Cute Little Helper

I can say this about the wife, everyday she is out helping in one form or the other. More often then not I need a hand and it really makes a difference.
It's kinda funny, I will be looking at something trying to figure out how I am going to set up jigs or what not to hold a board when she pokes her head in and asks if I need anything. "Well as a matter of fact I do, hold this."

I only had a few hours on Sunday this past weekend to work on her giant bird house (Aviary). I was able to get the copula finished and got it in place along with the rafters of the structure. It looks kinda funny right now but imagine the roof all the way done and I think it will look pretty sharp. It almost reminds me of one of those carousels or something.

I will never build one again that is for sure. It is a pain in the butt. 

A little work will be done when I get home each night. I can only give it a few minutes each day, but at least it's something. I really need two more people so I don't have to climb up and down the ladder as much. Each roof board takes at least four trips.

Anyway, the wife came out to help me hold the rafters and I had to stop and take this picture to show just how cute my little helper was.

I was hoping the pink fingernails stood out more than they do in the picture, but you get the idea.

You see that eye ball looking me? That's the look. The look of "What the hell are you doing?"    


  1. MDR,

    Now thats a really nice looking Aviary you made. Are you planning on putting birds inside yourself, or will this be left open for birds to fly in and make this place there own home and come and go as they please? Every chance I get, I love helping my husband on projects. Yes, I do see the eye!!!!
    It's nice to have the Misses as a helper.

    1. Thanks for the comment Sandy.
      The Aviary is not complete. It will have a roof on it and will contain dove and pigeons.
      Yes it is nice to have the help.