Monday, March 18, 2013

There's Nothing Better Than

There's nothing better than eating outside.
At straight up six o'clock yesterday evening I shut it down, I was tired. It takes a lot to get me that way and I can tell you I was dragging. The wife, who is always intuitive to my movements, saw me slowly close the shop door. She knew my weekend was done without me even uttering a word, I guess she saw the tired look in my eyes.
Earlier in the day we talked about grilling, I had almost hoped she forgot about that, and when I made my way to the patio I was met with the sight and smell of a dish full of beautiful marinated t-bone steaks ready for the grill. These delicious cuts of meat would be on my menu if I knew it was my last meal. I dug deep, found some renewed energy and before long had a perfect diamond shape pattern seared on both sides. 
Loaded baked potatoes and fresh cut greenhouse salad soon shared what little space was left on the plate.
"Why waste such a beautiful evening eating indoors?" We both said to each other almost at the same time.  I suppose after twenty-three years together there is little need to talk being we can read each others mind.  

You know you live in the country when you share your salad with a baby goat or when a piece of potato falls on the head of a hen sitting right under you as you eat, waiting for any scrap to fall. Every dog we own was sitting in a circle around us while we ate, ears perked up, looking directly at our chewing mouths, just waiting for one of us to call their name and share one little bite. It was almost as if we were in a storybook, all living in harmony for the greater good. 
The end of our outdoor dinning experience was just as good as the beginning. The wife baked some wonderful cupcakes and without speaking we sat and enjoyed one of God's greatest gifts, dessert. I am blessed.  

Alright, that was a little too mushy. Before I get my man card pulled let me reign this back in. What a weekend it was. Packed full of everything from chili cook offs to construction. I will be posting about it during the week.
Wait till you see what the wife had me do even though it was not on the list.  Yes, I have learned to just do it.
I can tell you this, I needed to go back to work after this week so I could get some rest and holy crap, wait till you see what is planned for this weekend. Hang around, this is going to be fun.

I hope everyone had a great weekend and I will catch ya on the flip side, 


  1. Sounds wonderful. I can't wait for it to get warm enough around here to eat outside.

    1. Thanks sista,
      For the past several months we have been confined to eating at the dinner table. If the weather holds we might not go back in till it hits 100.

  2. That was absolutely not too mushy at all. I love to eat outdoors.

    1. Thanks PP, I just thought is started sounding all free love and hippie kinda stuff, but really we would do it year around if we could.

  3. MDR,

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for offering to help if I needed assistance while traveling to take care of my Dad in Texas.

    Now that does sound like my type of dinner. Great food, wonderful spouse, and all the critters hanging around waiting for you to drop food or offer.

    Can't wait to hear what's on or off the honey do list.

    1. Anytime Sandy. I wish I could do more. The offer is always there.