Monday, October 25, 2010

If I Were Rich, I Would...

Have you seen that show, I think it's called "Off The Grid"? It came out sometime in the 90's and stars that guy off of "Survivor Man. The show starts off with him and his wife building a cabin in the woods back when they were young and first married. Now they have kids and want to show their children that way of life and relive the whole off the grid life style. During that show he says over and over how the common man can do just what he is doing and everyone should try it.

With much anticipation, this weekend I received my issues of Grit and Small Farm Today magazines. Those two and Mother Earth News are the most read things in the house. It is a fight to get to read them first and most of the time I have to hide them just so I can read the nice, new, non dogeared, non marked up and cut out publication.
These two issues seemed like they were written by the same people because they kinda covered the same topics. Don't get me wrong, it was a good thing. One talked about raising chickens and turkeys and the other talked about processing and marketing them with both magazines leading to the idea of self sustainable living. They too say that anyone can do this and gives a piratical side of needing money from a outside source or a job to get it all going and then the money to stay afloat while the lifestyle or business gets big enough to sustain all the expenses.

Now I can buy that plan and I even think it is doable given the right product is marketed in the right location. That's even the business plan I am doing as a matter of fact and reading these two magazines showing normal people getting it done gets me fired up.
What I can't buy is the fact this guy on this Off The Grid show does not even have a product to market and spent almost a half a million dollars so he does not have to pay a $300 electric bill every month and then tells me I can do the same thing.

But then again, if I were rich and had the money to build a place that far off the beaten path and with human contact only when I wanted it and not in my face all day, I would do it.

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  1. I would like to go off grid. But like you, I think it cost too much. I guess we will just have to win the lottery.