Monday, October 18, 2010

Back to Business

After a week of being lazy with no production, it is back to business now.
With the chicken business up and running we are looking at some projects that need to get done by next spring.
The main one is getting the big barn set up as the breeder barn so we can leave the mini barn and it's area just for that, mini things. But, the wife is eye balling a new adventure.

Have you ever heard of or seen Sebastopol Geese?

These things are a real oddity and the wife fell in love with them. The problem is, you can not find them hardly anywhere and that is why she wants them so bad.
After a lot of searching the wife found some eggs but she will have to wait till spring to get them. So we are going to start off with just a few hatching eggs to see what happens from there and see if she can find a market around here for them.

The picture is from
Go and check out how purty these things are.


  1. I can understand why your wife loves them. They almost dont look real. So pretty. How's the crickets doing? You havent said anything about them in a while.

  2. Thanks for the comment Denise, The crickets are still growing and reproducing. They are mainly used for feeding the baby chicks. It is the funnest thing you ever seen.