Sunday, October 10, 2010

I Can't Believe It

This morning I was able to sleep in till 7:00 and it was great. I woke up refreshed and ready to go. Just one thing, It hurts to walk. My knee is still bothering me so I decided to take it easy today and recoup so I did not get as much stuff done as I would have liked but I did get enough done to be satisfied.

Fist thing was to finish the little mini chicken runs. As soon as I cut the little doors those little things ran outside and started acting like chickens, hard to believe right.

After that I spent over an hour cleaning up from the marathon chicken projects I have been doing. Three different projects had created piles of scrap wood and loads of tools strode all over the place. After it was all reorganized, I strung it all out again to go ahead and rebuild the rabbit area. I stacked the pens this time to give more room for feed storage. Now I have one large doe pen, a buck pen and a birthing pen all on the same wall. Now all I need it another buck.

And that's it. I am done. I can't believe it, I am now between projects. Though I still have some ongoing projects like the large rain water system, the large barn sectioning and oh yea all the fencing, and I almost forgot I need to build a more efficient worm farm and I still need to get started on the DIY incubators I really need and the gardens, oh my do I need to get more built and ready for next planting season.
But still, I feel a scene of relief knowing my "have too right now" ones are done.
Have a grate week!


  1. That's wonderful, Redneck! Bask in the satisfaction while you can. Another project is always right around the corner when you live in the country. Either you get an idea for something new, or you get to do a repair courtesy of the critters we keep!

  2. I still have a list a mile long but it is rare I am in between them. Usually I have several going at one time.

  3. That's because we're where we're supposed to be, doing what we're supposed to be doing. We are in our element, you know? Country life is labor intensive but we love it. True blue city slickers think about living in the country and wonder what they would DO far from 'civilization.' That's because they're city slickers and have not the imagination (vision?) of true blue country folk. Takes all kinds to make the world go 'round. If everyone was of our ilk, the 'countryside' would be too crowded! LOL

  4. Very true WWRWH. The work is my relaxation and you are also right that not many are willing to do it much less understand it.