Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Grown Already

Yesterday was my oldest daughters birthday. Eighteen years ago when the wife and brought her home from the hospital, we looked and looked to find the owners manual to this new thing we had that was now making a lot of noise and we did not know why.

She has grown into an exceptional young lady and on most days brightens any room she is in. She just applied for Texas A&M and with all her community service activities, school offices held and being in the top ten of her class I have no doubt she makes it in.

I have made many mistakes in her childhood and given the chance to redo them is gone now. I always said I was going to be there for my children, but quickly found that making a living got in the way of that. Talking with most people, they say they are happy their kids are grown and out of the house. If I had a choice in it all I would keep them around twelve years old so they can stay daddy's little girls and we can hold hands as we walk down the road. I know they will always be just that but it is different when they have a life of their own, making their own choices and raising their own family's.

So far the hardest day for me was when she turned sixteen and drove away alone for the first time without me to protect her. The next one will be when all her clothes are packed and she drives away to collage. Then the hardest of all is when I have to give her away at her wedding. I do not think I can do that.

For her birthday last night she gave a speech to the Fellow Christians Athletes and to about 200 people. The whole stadium sang her happy birthday and cheered when she walked off the staged after a heart felt speech on how God was moving in her life.
Thats what it's all about and that is the only thing that gives me comfort that she will do just fine.


  1. Man, congrats. My daughter is 14 months. I stare at her all the time and she amazes me every 5 minutes. I LVOE seeing her grow and learn.

    you will be able to give her away at her wedding because she will be so happy, it will make you proud to be her dad and proud to be the one with the honors.

    Have you seen that commercial for a car company? Where the dad is talking to his daughter in the car, and she is in the drivers seat as a kid, then at the last image of her, he is looking at her and she is (i assume) 16? Man, I get teary every time and look to the wife and smile. I don't want that day to come, but I think i will be proud when it does.

    Dont worry about if you spent enough time with her. Think about the experiences she has gained from you....think about what kind of man will measure up, it will be hard and he will have to prove himself you her first, which will be 10X as hard as proving himself to you!

    Congrats man!

  2. Our children are one of God's greatest blessings, don't you think?

    The subject of her speech and the fact she had the poise and confidence to give the speech to 200+ people tells me you and your wife did a great job raising her, Redneck. You did good!

    : )

  3. you and your wife did a very good job withyour daughter and no matter how old your kids get be they boy or girl it dosen't get any easier as they grow older you still want to be there for them and protect them even if they are 30 0r 40 years old and with Gods grace and help you will still be there for them then as you are now
    God bless