Friday, October 22, 2010

Will I Ever Learn?

Next month we have been here a year. In that year we have only met one person out here in our little community. There are about forty homes with each having two to five acres and we do not know any of them.
So the wife and her friend Rhonda came up with an idea of having a "Winter welcome, get to know your neighbor fish fry" next month, at our house. I was not to keen on the idea at first but ended up wanting to do it.
I made up some fliers this week and last night the wife and Rhonda went door to door passing them out. When they returned I was alarmed when the first thing they said was "There are some real weird people that live here, I don't think this was a good idea".
All we were trying to do was get to know some of the people we see every day but never talk too. They said that some of the people that have lived here for ten years just laughed and said we were crazy for doing it.
The bad thing is, with everyone having fliers, we are now committed. Now my anxiety about this is up and I have been racking my brain on how to get out of it.
I think we are just going to have to bite the bullet and go through with it and hope for the best, or rain. You would think I would have learned not to do that kind of stuff by now.

On a lighter note, the eggs are hatching. We have four so far and surly more are to come.

The wife sold a rooster today which makes me very happy and you will not believe this, she also sold some crickets. Yea, no kidding, I was floored. I now have a regular customer and making money on crickets. Who would have thunk it?

Pics of the new chick tomorrow.


  1. I admire you for making an attempt and taking the first step to form community with your neighbors. We know our immediate neighbors but really do not "hang out" with them, so to speak, but they are there for us and we are there for them. Have been here for 15+ years so we have been through some "emergencies" together and know we can count on each other if needed, but most of us are still pretty private, busy with our own lives, etc. Don't worry too much about them being weird.. heck we all are weird to some extent. If you really don't know these people and are concerned keep the event to a specific outside area, make sure that things are "put away" in your house (valuables, guns, anything outside of ordinary) etc, after all you would not want them to think you are "weird".. Invite a few of your friends or your teenagers friends to the gathering too.. that way if no one from the neighborhood shows you will still have a good time. Who knows maybe it will be a great time for the neighborhood too... of course one fish fry does not a neighborhood make.. if this work out keep up the communication and who knows you might end up with a few new likeminded friends afterall.

  2. I think your heart is in the right place and maybe you'll meet up with some really great folks( the weird ones may stay home*wink*) We know our immediate neighbors but even some of them think we're strange because of our simple lifestyle and being sufficient. Let's face it we're way off "the Norm" road and heading in an entirely different direction. The way we see it is that if the majority is doing something, it's most likely something we don't want to be associated with, LOL!!!!
    Praying your fish fry turns out to be a blessing rather than a drudge. Wish we were closer we'd come :o)
    Blessings for your weekend,

  3. say a prayer and turn it over to God then don't worry about it anymore He will take care of everything

  4. Thank yall for the comments.
    Allison, I was hoping for everyone to stay outside and not go in the house. I did not think about all that when I agreed to it. The thing about being weird is, I know am, it's the people what have not realized they are yet that I am afraid of.
    Kelle, I have never liked traveling down that wide, easy road of normality. I like the rocky, hard to walk path that when you get there you know first hand you deserve it kind of road. We wish yall could be there too.
    Anonymous, If I did not listen to him, I would not have done this. It was in his hands the day he told me to do it. But still, I am human and it is hard not to worry about it. Like I said, maybe he will send rain.