Sunday, October 31, 2010

More Space

The plans of buying the Dino dirt for the gardens at $40.00 a truck load all change when my dad called and said he had some compost/dirt just as good and it was free.
Three very full truck loads later and we ware now ready for the winter. All three girls jumped in to help with the shoveling while I ran the wheelbarrow and the wife ran the rake.
During all the fun an old friend stop by and even her six year old girl jumped in and helped out by making sure I dumped the dirt in right places, it was really cute.

After a rough start this morning, I was still able to build one more 16' raised bed giving me a total of five. I also made the wife a little herb garden area to play with this spring.
I still have three more raised beds and a green house to build in the garden area then that phase
will be done.

My three girls are the best. No way would I trade them for boys. Come to think of it, I don't think I know of any boy their age that can out work a one of them.

I feel a little better now having expanded my planting area and now improving the soil, but I still need to get the rain water system finished.

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