Saturday, May 29, 2010

Out Early

The kids surprised me by busting me out of bed around six this morning ready to get outside and work. I did not ask what had gotten into them but I figure they are wanting something.
Last night I made a run to the box hardware store and picked up a few things to work with this weekend and I guess the girls got the hint that if we got everything done, then we would run up to the river tomorrow and lay around relaxing.
The first thing we did was paint the trim that will be put on the mini barn. I have found it easier to pre- paint the trim than try and paint it when it's already up.

Second we built a little hen house for the younger chick babies and the hens that are brooding. The small area in the barn was getting crowded with all the chicks so the wife and I decided to change up the overall design and put in this little house. I plan to paint it to match the barn.

We decided to take the after noon off and spend it with the family at a nice little cookout over at D&R's house.
I guess everything I wanted to get done is done and the kids all worked really hard, so tomorrow we are heading to the blue river.

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