Sunday, May 9, 2010

Babies Everywhere

The quail started hatching right on time. 17 days and 12 out of 36 have hatched so far. I have the brooder up and warm tucked nicely in my bathtub. The Serama mini chicken eggs are due to start hatching tomorrow.

With Mommas day and everything I did not get much of anything done on the mini farm. The wife and I were invited by an old friend to a little cowboy church a few miles to the East of here and it turned out to be not so little. I was right there with the preacher until he started making redneck jokes. It was good to see our old friend again after almost 21 years, she has not changed a bit but is having a hard time in life.
Keep the faith Wendy.

After church I had to get some mowing done over at the momma in laws. The preacher ran long so in turn it pushed me behind. I was lucky enough that my good buddy Dave flagged me down and wanted to load up and come help. Talk about dueling banjo's, this was dueling mowers. We turned a three hour job into just one.
The day ended with Dave and his wife cooking a fantastic meal for all the mommas in the family.
I am blessed because people can search a lifetime for friends like these.

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  1. How eggciting*wink*,( couldn't help myself) Those are some tiny babes. It will be fun to see them as time goes by( hint, hint keep the pictures coming)

    You are blessed to have such special friends and you are so true about searching for a lifetime to find this sort of friendship. We're still searching for such a friendship, it seems everyone we know is more of an aquantance, than a true friend.*sigh*

    Blessings for your new week Redneck!