Monday, May 17, 2010

No Posts

Sorry for the no posts this weekend. It seamed every time I had a chance to think about it something else would come up or I was dragged out the door to go somewhere else.
The threat of rain kept me from planning anything anyway and even without a plan, I was still busier than a one armed paper hanger.

Friday night I had a chance to run by the hardware store to pick up some paint so I can finally finish the mini barn this coming up weekend. But before that, I took the wife to a little place I have been really wanting to go to scene I have heard about it. Redneck Heaven is a little bar and grill set up just for rednecks by rednecks, so I thought. It turned out to be a huge disappointment. All it did was try and mimic what a redneck restaurant would look like but I am sure the designer was from somewhere up North and on top of that, from the city. They dressed all the wait staff in skimpy white trash outfits and for decoration, just some NASCAR stuff on the wall with background music from P Diddy. How sad.

Saturday was spent helping my dad in the morning and then I did something I have not done in at least a year, I took a short nap.

Sunday I did some much needed organizing and shifting around some baby chicks and then we went to my brothers new house for lunch, then I spent the rest of the day mowing.

So there you go. Not much of anything.

Now I know why I am not getting as much eggs as I should. The wife called me at work and asked just one question, "Is this thing loaded?" With some simple instructions, her and the girls with picks, shovels, axes and guns in hand headed out to the barn for a good ol snake killn.

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  1. This is a prairie kingsnake, they eat mice mostly. It's sad that you had to kill her. The best way to keep them out of your coop is to pour a cement floor, since it was likely drawn by the mice that burrow in a dirt floor. Another reason people put hen houses on stilts, mice aren't attracted, and then the snakes won't come either, since both live in/ just above the ground.