Sunday, May 2, 2010

All & All

I sure was glad to have the weekend off to get some much needed work done. Even tho I did not get the little building from my brother's house, I still made some progress.

The little building has to be moved all or nothing. Taking it apart and trying to reassemble it would destroy the most of the wood. I plan to make an attempt at it next weekend but it might just be easyer to build one myself.

The new chicken yard is done and the chickens are loving it. The fence does not have all the rail boards on it yet but at least it will hold them. We worked till we ran out of screws again. I thought I had enough but I came up a box short. I also still need 40 more 2x4s to complete it.

I had to modify the barn area where the goats were going to be at into a coop. I made a 2 1/2 door and just wired the other half. I hope this is just a temporary ordeal because if not, I am afraid I will be force into building another barn just for the mini goats.

Switching gears I worked on the rabbit pen until, yup you guessed it, I ran out of screws on that as well. At least I have to boards to finish it.

Maybe this week I will get off a little early a day or two and be able to stop by the hardware store and finish these two things out.

I was hoping to paint next weekend but I think Mothers day might mess that up for me.


  1. WOW! looks great Redneck. I love the fence, gives me an idea about finishing fencing our yard so our poultry can freerange all day ;O)

    What color are you painting it, or are you simply staining it and sealing it with linseed oil?

    We can relate, my Dh only gets two weekends a month off and it seems when it's his weekend off it's raining, snowing or windy. PTL! today we bit the bullet and got the skin( plastic) on our hoophouse, even if the wind did kick up half way into it *wink* Now I have to paint the ends so we can finish sealing down the plastic edges. I plan on posting pictures tomorrow sometime, please come take a look, we're so pleased with it!

    Blessings for your new week and may it be filled with productivity. :o)

  2. Thank you for the comment Kelle. The barn will be red (of course) with white trim. The wife has always wanted a red barn so now she gets one. The fence is stained with a dark walnut that doubles as a sealant.

  3. I figured it would be red, but sometimes the wood stained and oiled is beautiful too.

    You asked the cost of the hoophouse. Okay here is the total and some of the wood used we had on hand. The hoop house kit included the metal hoops, ground stakes,needed clamps bolts and the wire and channel that hold the plastic in place and the plastic( 6mil UV protected 4 yr rating) and the strapping( a roll of 1000 ft was $20)We came up with our own metal and handles( to order it was an addition $75 a side) for the roll up sides( after Mike studied a couple of sites in how it operates) The kit, plus shipping was $800. The we added the solid ends( the kit comes with enough plastic for the ends, which we are using to redo our 8x8 greenhouse with) the redwood 2x6's were purchased as well as the T-11 siding, which totaled $250. I then purchased the door and windows through a Habitat for Humanity used store for a total cost of $38( I think) So alittle over $1000 for a 16x24ft hoophouse. When we shopped on many other sites a greenhouse of this size was anywhere from $2000 to $6000. To replace the plastic the cost is approx. $180, but it supposed to last for a minimum of 4 yrs. :o)
    You could build the hoops yourself out of PVC, it just won't support any snow without added supports inside. Hope this answers your questions, if not you know how to get a hold of me*wink*
    Blessings to your and yours, BTW love the daisies, we have an early yello daisy about to bloom, YEAH!!!

  4. One box of screws short of a chicken yard...
    there's a joke there somewhere.