Wednesday, May 19, 2010

One Week Old

The babies are one week old today. The one on the left is a Pharaoh quail and the other is the Serama mini chicken. Doesn't that quail look mad about being posing for the camera?

The final total of hatched birds are 11 quail and 11 mini chickens. I set 36 eggs of both birds and used a still air incubators for both. The Serama eggs were on a automatic turner that turns the eggs four times a day and the quail eggs were turned twice a day by hand. Both were set on a average temperature of 100 degrees. According to my calculations, that is a 31% hatch rate for both kinds making no difference between the self turning or automatic.

When I was hatching out large numbers of quail in years past (500 to 1000 eggs), I used GQF forced air cabinet incubators and hatchers. I had a hatch rate of around 75% to 80% using those bad boys. I am sure other people have better luck with the still air type but I never have.

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