Thursday, May 6, 2010

Loose Ends

I spent the evening finishing the rabbit room on the back side of the mini barn. Now we can let the rabbits out of their pens so they can run around and play like they are in the wild. I decided not to go with the extravagant rabbit hutches I had planned. Instead, I am planning just a simple three pen doubled stacked wire cage system. It will take less time and money this way and still serve the same purpose.

I also wired off the loft area of the mini barn. The varmints could still climb over and into the new chicken coop with out it. Now they are safe.

The wife and kids candled the mini chicken eggs and the quail eggs that are in the incubators last night. So far so good. Only 5 chicken eggs and 6 quail eggs were not fertile. The quail eggs are set to start hatching Sunday or Monday which brings up the fact I still need to set up a brooder area. I also realized I need a brooder room or building if we continue to set eggs and have babies. My bathtub is only for this round.
The wife put 6 eggs under one of her broody Bantam hens the other day to see if she will hatch them out. I wonder what that little Bantam hen is going to think when she hatches out a couple of Rhode Island Red baby chicks. Is it what the Chinese couple named their new born white baby? Sumthing Wong!


  1. Your bantam hen won't care, trust me if our white plymouth rock hen raised 3 baby turkeys last summer without a thought. They listened to her too, it was funny listening to the turkey hens calling back to the turkey babies peeps, but yet their chicken mama called them and the ran right to her.
    Good luck with the hatching, we just gave a hen eggs this afternoon, praying on May 26th we hear peeping*wink*
    Blessings, we're looking forward to our weekend of warmer weather and watching everything come to life!

  2. that little play house you were talking about would be good for that brooder room you need

  3. Thanks for the comments. I know the momma hen wont care what hatches, it is just funny to think about what she would think if she did, think. I guess a lesson could be learned from her and her not seeing color or race like that.

    Yes the little building would be a great brooder room and it has crossed my mind to make it one. I am just afraid of the move. I think it would not make it and with all the trouble, it might just be better to start from scratch.