Saturday, May 22, 2010

Early Jump

The youngest daughter grabbed the camera this morning and took a great picture of Charlotte's Web at the mini barn. I think she might have the eye for this picture taken stuff.

I escaped work early today so I could get everything ready for the mini barn paint job in the morning. After stopping by my buddy Dave's house to grab the airless sprayer I looked at the clock to see it was only 5:00.
Four hours till dark, I think I can get this sucker done in that time. So here we go. One and a half hours later I ran out of paint with the whole back of the barn still needing to be done. I thought for sure two gallons of paint would cover it, but I guess with it being the first time using a sprayer I got a little carried away.
I started off trying to control the over spray but as you can see from the tin roof, I finally gave up and let the paint fly. I am sure it will wash off in the next rain, I hope.

In the morning I need to run into town and pick up another couple of gallons of paint so I can finish the backside. It that a red barn or what? Don't worry, the white trim will deaden it some, I think.

I had to grab this shot.
This is what the women folk do while work is being done.
Kicking back Redneck style.


  1. The mini barn looks great! Thanks for sharing about the overspray, we're going to paint our outbuildings this summer with an airless sprayer too. First I have to do a lot a scraping and priming*sigh*

    Enjoy your company and have a blessed weekend
    BTW, please tell your Dd we love the Charlotte's web photo*wink*

  2. Thank you Kelle for the comment. Good luck with your painting.