Friday, May 28, 2010

Dont' Kill My Worms

Craig's List had an add for two eighteen gallon totes full of red wiggler worms for only $15.00 a piece. I contacted the lady right away and told her I would buy both of the totes as soon as I get off work. When I arrived at her huge city house later that day, I was meat with a screening process to be judged worthy to buy these worms from her. I should have walked away right then.
She asked me if I knew how to care for them and wanted me to tell her how I do it. Then she went to great lengths to tell me what she feeds them and how often. Then she asked me what I had planned for her worms. I told her they would be used for composting, fishing and a source of protein for the chickens.
What happened next was a classic screen shot straight out of The Exorcist with the head spinning around and the demon voice. I do not know if you have ever made a Pakistani woman mad or not, but this lady went completely ballistic on me and I really did not understand a thing she was saying. I just know she was mad due to the twenty years of experience I have making the wife mad. I came to realize, the facial expressions and tone of voice are all the same no matter where you were born .
What I got out of it was, if I thought for one second about using her worms as feed then she would not sell them to me. Then I think I heard her say something about "Worm Murder" and I know I heard "Redneck" somewhere in there. She then went on to say she has been raising those same worms for over three years and they are her babies and need a good home to go to and not some butcher farm.
This made the second time I should have walked away from this nut case but I really wanted those worms. So I assured her as soon as I got them home, I would set her worms free to roam the farm and be happy until their last days without a care in the world.
Just as fast as she was demon possessed, she settle down and then happily handed them over.
I walked away shaking my head and mumbling, "Foreign City folks"


  1. Just when you think you have heard it all and seen it all, you run a cross a worm hugger!! I bet that did blow your mind.

  2. And on another note, your cloths sure smelled good when you got them off the line too, didn't they. We don't even own a dryer. I might duck under my blue jeans as I walk through the door on a rainy day. They still smell good when the Missis gets through ironing them. Have a great weekend.

  3. Iron them? What is that. My jeans are so stiff they stand up on there own. And the towels, wow! it's like drying off with a Brillo pad.
    I love it and would not have it any other way. Thanks Tigger for the comments.

  4. There are way too many crazy people allowed to walk our streets... worms as babies? That lady needs to be locked up, protect her from herself at least.

  5. You should have seen it first hand. Thanks for the comment KingAzJay.

  6. I am laughing so hard.
    That was hilarious. I have been known to be really protective of my worms, but oh my.
    BigTex Worms

  7. I can understand protective but this was a little, no a lot overboard. Thanks for the comment Liz.

  8. Dang, I wish you'd gotten that on video.
    I can see it now, it would go "viral" on youtube and she'd be known as the "crazy worm lady".