Monday, December 5, 2011

House Dad

I was rained out today so I got to play House Dad.
I can get used to this. The kids are at school and the wife is at her holiday job. The house is quiet with only the sounds of the crackling fire and the occasional beeping of the washing machine telling me to get with it.

Early this morning I started a pot of beans and the cornbread will be accompanying them later. I made sugar cookies so the kids can have an after school snack plus I made some fresh bread to have as a snack just because.
I have candles lit to make the house smell like pumpkins, all the laundry has been done, folded and put away. I thought about dirtying up a cup just so I could wash it again but decided not too. The floors have been swept at least a dozen times and the counters have been wiped at least two.

I started a new book called "The Walk" and it seems to be a good one but got bored so I put it down.

The boredom overtook me so I got out all the firearms and re-oiled them. They are all now at rest. I kept a loaded .22 Henry out all day just in case I got a good shot on a passing dog, no luck.

The TV has not been on at all. The only thing on is a couple of oil lamps I have in the hallway so I do not stub my toe on the way to the pantry. Speaking of which, the pantry is reorganized and everything is "faced" in alphabetical order.

It is almost time for everyone to be home so I must do my duties and set the table.
God I hope I work tomorrow.       


  1. One day would be OK. Any more then that and you would go crazy. I do it daily, drives be nuts. Almost 2 years. I would rather work any day.

  2. Sounds like you did a good job. Reminds me of a country song "Mr. Mom" . Anytime my hubby comes home and asks about stuff I politely remind him I am the chef, maid, school teacher, treasurer,fixer upper, mom, wife,nurse.....It definitely can wear on ya! Work sounds like a fun place to be lol.

  3. OMG, you are going to have women wanting to marry you posting stuff like this. I know you are already happily married but women dream of a man like this. Mrs. MDR is a fortunate women as well as I am sure you are a fortunate man.

    I will say after reading this I feel very lazy.

  4. I wish Mrs. BR made enough money to support me in the lifestyle I deserve. I'd gladly stay home all day. Of course, I'd probably spend most of the time riding horses, but, hey, it needs to be done.

  5. i'm with Genevieve - Mrs. MDR is a lucky lady but i am sure that she already knows that! it sounds to me like you had a full day and enjoyed it and for that i am glad! you really are a wonderful husband and father, MDR! keep up the good work buddy!

    your friend,

  6. You make bread? Seriously? Wow!
    You are definately back to the top of my list! (As long as you don't shoot any wayward doggies!)

    P.S. I read "The Walk" a while back, I thought it was really good and has a great twist at the end that you don't see coming, let us know what you think when you're finished with it.

  7. Rob - During the winter I am sometimes out of work for a few days at a time. I play House Dad during those times and it drives the wife and kids crazy. Remember, I have OCD or so they say and every time a cup hits the counter I wash it, every time a piece of clothes hit the floor I am there. I can see how walking behind everyone just waiting for something to do would drive people nuts.

    Coley - I could add a few things to that list. I look at being at home a little different than most. I consider it to be a job and just like if I was at the office, I do my job well.

    G - Like I was saying, they would like it for a little while but having me walk around behind them just waiting for them to mess something up would drive them crazy.
    I agree she is a very fortunate woman,LOL, but again, I do nothing half way. She says I over do it and leave no room for mistakes. It took everything I had not go in and clean the girls rooms yesterday but I knew if I did then they would always expect it.

    Dave - I agree. After the house is running on auto pilot, then I could do so much more like building things and selling at the flee markets, booths and craft shows.
    I have it all planned out just in case I can stay home.

    Kymber - They may differ with you on all that. I think it pisses everyone off when I get into that frame of mind because I kinda take over and become overbearing not letting anyone lift a finger to help.

    Shar - I love the smell of fresh bread.
    You told me about "The walk" here a while back so I got it. It has surprised me with the language and the love making they have in the book. I just did not expect it and should not be read if you are under 18. It is almost as descriptive as a romance novel, LOL.

  8. Can we clone you, or maybe you know someone like you? Im here in NE Okla. Send him over, K. lol. I am loving your site. Best to you all, T

  9. Man, you are so lucky, I'd love a day like the one you've had, reading, cleaning guns, cooking...I wish.

  10. tee4too0 - We are about four hours away. I love that part of the country. Email me sometime and we will swing by when we are in town.
    As far as the cloning, the wife says there will never be another like me. I don't know if that is a good thing or a bad one but I think there was some sarcasm in her tone when she told me that.

    Stephen - I got to do everything I liked except make money. Being off yesterday was with no pay.
    I had to bring out the guns because I was feeling a little unmanly doing all those things. When I caught myself reorganizing my underwear drawer, that's when it hit me.

  11. Uh oh, now I'm embarassed, are we talking about the same book, main character named Martin? Guess I am going to have to re-read it, I don't remember it being too bad. I read anything and everything and sometimes it is definately "adult" only. Sorry, next time I will warn ya! Right now I am reading The Maze Runner series, it's popular with teenagers, but a good read!

  12. Yes it is the same book. I'm a big boy Shar, I can handle it. I have heard worse. It is not as descriptive as a Romance novel but I wanted to put it out there just in case so nobody got surprised. Plus it is a good change of pace.